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woodworking jig dvdWhat folks say...

These are all genuine quotes, I've not made them up!


"I have watched/purchased LOTS of DVD's; yours rate right at the top in content and presentation. Nice job.”

-Lee, California


"The tutorial [on eliminating bandsaw drift] alone is worth the cover price”
-Paul Mayon, Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine









Welcome to Workshop Essentials!


Hi, I'm Steve Maskery and welcome to my workshop


NEW! Workshop Essentials now available as MP4 download ONLY and with FREE DELIVERY!

Please note that with immediate effect, all video titles are available as a secure download of MP4 and PDF files. I am out of stock of all physical DVDs and I'm not planning on getting any more. Downloading is quick, easy and secure. There are no P&P charges.

If you are looking for woodworking DVDs and jigs then you've come to the right place. Jigs help me to do tasks more accurately, more quickly, more safely or just more consistently than I can do by hand, enabling me to produce professional results in my home workshop. Jigs remove the guesswork.



Currently there are ten Woodworking DVDs in the Workshop Essentials series and every woodworking DVD is packed with jigs and ideas for the home woodworker. There are woodworking jigs for setting out and sawing, jigs for routing, tenon jigs and mortice jigs, jigs for the tablesaw and jigs for the bandsaw. In fact there is a woodworking jig for just about everything. Well, almost.

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woodworking DVD

You can see a number of clips from each woodworking DVD on the Previews page. In particular I urge you to investigate the

Ultimate Bandsaw Tenon Jig DVD and the Ultimate Tablesaw Tenon Jig DVD.

They are both the best way to cut tenons in the home workshop. Fast, accurate, versatile and GUARDED. They are simply the best woodworking jigs of their type anywhere on the planet. Watch the clips and see for yourself

You can buy any woodworking DVD individually or you can save a bundle by buying a bundle. For example, buy Workshop Essentials 4, 5, and 6 together as The Complete Bandsaw and save 40%. Or buy the Complete Workshop Essentials, all ten woodworking DVDs totalling over 15 hours of video and oodles of PDFs and save a whopping 40%   and get FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE too!


Every Workshop Essentials woodworking DVD comes with aset of plans in PDF format that you can print off, so these DVDs will actually save you money, enabling you to do big jobs with small resources. Better still, get someone else to buy them for you! Remember, if your children or grandchildren refuse to buy them for you as a present, it means they don't really love you.........

Here you will find lots of woody loveliness to make your woodworking more accurate, faster and safer into the bargain. Work smarter, improve your woodwork with a Workshop Essentials Woodworking DVD today!

Happy Woodworking!

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This week in the Workshop...

I went to collect all my stuff from its storage. A bit of a shock awaited me, as 95% of it has been stolen. SCMS, lathe, HVLP, Airpress, all my router cutters and spindle tooling, boxes and boxes of tools, everything. The worst part is that some of the tools were my dad's and grandad's and they are irreplaceable. If you come across anything stamped "F J MASKERY" or "W H RUSHTON" then please let me know. The person storing it for me did not report it to the police and didn't tell me either, so it is long gone and the chances of getting it back are approximately nil. So I'm not a terribly happy bunny right now.

However, every cloud has a silver lining and several people have been very generous indeed if offering tools to help me get back up and running again. Like Arnie, I'll be back.

Happy Woodworking!



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