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woodworking jig dvdWhat folks say...

These are all genuine quotes, I've not made them up!


"I have watched/purchased LOTS of DVD's; yours rate right at the top in content and presentation. Nice job.”

-Lee, California


"The tutorial [on eliminating bandsaw drift] alone is worth the cover price”
-Paul Mayon, Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine









Where are the PDFs?

All the jigs, gadgets and workshop accessories that you see on the DVDs are also supplied as PDFs that you can print off and take into the workshop with you.

To access the PDFs you need a computer with Adobe Reader installed.

To access the PDFs, insert the DVD into your computer. If the video starts automatically (it will depend on the setting on your particular computer), stop the video but leave the DVD in the drive. Let us say that it is Drive E: (that will also be dependent on your particular computer). 

Browse to Drive E: using Explorer (on a PC) or Finder (on a Mac). There you will find a folder called "Resources". In that folder you will find the PDFs and Sketchup models if you want to modify the designs for your own use.