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woodworking jig dvdWhat folks say...

These are all genuine quotes, I've not made them up!


"I have watched/purchased LOTS of DVD's; yours rate right at the top in content and presentation. Nice job.”

-Lee, California


"The tutorial [on eliminating bandsaw drift] alone is worth the cover price”
-Paul Mayon, Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine









Free downloads

For ripping on the tablesaw I use a short fence. This reduces the risk of kickback enormously, as there workpice cannot get trapped between the back of the blade and the fence. A full explanation is in this video here:

A free PDF of the fence is here.

For ripping very narrow stock on the tablesaw I prefer having the waste against the fence and the narrow strip itself on the outboard side, so that it cannot get trapped. I also make sure I'm using a zero-clearance plate.

A free PDF of the jig is here.