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woodworking jig dvdWhat folks say...

These are all genuine quotes, I've not made them up!


"I have watched/purchased LOTS of DVD's; yours rate right at the top in content and presentation. Nice job.”

-Lee, California


"The tutorial [on eliminating bandsaw drift] alone is worth the cover price”
-Paul Mayon, Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine









Other currencies

I regularly get asked why my prices are not in US Dollars. The answer, of course, is that I am based in the UK and here we use Pounds Sterling, or GBP (Great British Pounds). Although we are in Europe, we are not part of the Eurozone.

To find the cost in your local currency, you can get a pretty good idea by asking Mr Google. For example, enter the following string into your browser:

119.99 GBP to USD

It will give you the cost of The Complete Workshop Essentials at the current exchange rate. You can put any other currency in place of USD, such as AUD or Euro.

The exact price may vay a little, depending on PayPal's current exchange rate at the moment you buy, but it will be close.