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woodworking jig dvdWhat folks say...

These are all genuine quotes, I've not made them up!


"I have watched/purchased LOTS of DVD's; yours rate right at the top in content and presentation. Nice job.”

-Lee, California


"The tutorial [on eliminating bandsaw drift] alone is worth the cover price”
-Paul Mayon, Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine









Video Previews

Here is a selection of video clips. Some are taken from the DVDs, some are extra to the DVDs and some are about my work in Sierra Leone and Zambia rather than woodwork. Enjoy!


Workshop Essentials 6 - The Ultimate Bandsaw Tenon Jig

Many people will cut tenons on the bandsaw just by flipping over the workpiece. But that method has several disadvantages. The tenon is always central, even if I don't want it to be, the fit is dependent upon the thickness of the workpiece and there is a lot of trial and error to get it just right.

The Ultimate Bandsaw Tenon Jig references off just one face, so it is independent of the thickness of the workpiece and the fit is Right First Time Every Time.

The Ultimate Bandsaw Tenon Jig is fast, accurate, safe and requires almost no set-up. Watch it in action here.

The 88-minute DVD also contains FREE plans for the tenon jig and the accompanying crosscut shoulder jig, in both inches and millimetres.



Workshop Essentials 3 - The Ultimate Tablesaw Tenon Jig

There are many vertical-cutting jigs for the tablesaw, but they nearly all have serious drawbacks. They require the removal of the guard if the guard is attached to the riving knife and that means that the blade is left unguarded. They are also often very slow to change from cutting one cheek to cutting the other. This jig is both fast and guarded.

Workshop Essential 3 is a 72-minute film devoted to this advanced technique, just remember to replace the normal guard when you are finished!
The DVD also contains FREE plans for the jig, the crosscut sled, the SUVA-style guard and the stand-alone guard, too.


How to make a Luthier Clamp

I have a number of these simple lightweight clamps. They are easy and cheap to make.

Hone your own planer and jointer knives to save time and money


Safer ripping on the tablesaw using a short rip fence

I use a short rip fence on my tablesaw which allows me to rip stock with a greatly reduced risk of kickback.
See it in action here.


My selection of pushsticks

I still have all ten fingers! These are the pushsticks I use and why I like the styles. There are different ones for different situations, on the tablesaw, on the bandsaw and on the router table.


VIP Toilets in Sierra Leone

In 2007 I visited Sierra Leone. I learned a lot!


Woodworking in Sierra Leone

I met this woodworker working in one of the slum areas. I wouldn't stand a chance if I had only what he has.


Building the Kiine School in Zambia

In 2009 I went to Zambia to work on a school building project.